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My name is Stefi and I have been an elementary-intermediate-advanced Music Educator for many years, both in the classroom and in one-to-one settings.Vast experience as a Classical & Contemporary educator and performer keeps me attuned to new trends that consistently challenge keyboardists.
I enjoy online music tutoring because it gives me the opportunity to share music lessons at the student's preferred pace and in his/her preferred manner of learning.

I completed my training in Piano Performance and in Music Education at the National Conservatory of Athens.Post graduate studies and Professional development courses with renowned artists and conductors led to years of teaching & performing in some of the leading musical institutes of Europe.

In Classical training, my teaching specialties include a detailed and methodical approach to developing keyboard technique which supports students in their successful preparation of Final Exam pieces and Exit Criteria material while allowing them to present Music Recitals and Concerts of semi-professional and professional standards with ease. I also use a detailed analysis of the score with a solid background in music history as a teaching method to help students develop skills in musical expression and interpretation. I teach basic Music Theory, Harmony and Aural Perception to help students rapidly develop skills in sight-reading and memorizing the score as well as in building repertoire.


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